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About Us


Three pillars: Inovation, autonomous & intelligence

AalSol is an emerging startup with an ambition to make life easier by providing an autonomous, intelligent, and seamless user experience across a wide spectrum of diverse supersystems interacting intelligently together to assist a user’s day to day activities. We strive to make,

  • Intelligent recommendation systems
  • Autonomous decision making agents
  • Seamless end to end user experience


The startup is concealed with big dreams of innovations


Muhammad Fahad Azeemi


Waqas Liaqat Ali


Our Services

Cloud Services

We assist our customers to deploy application in cloud infrastucture and provide monitoring, maintenance & customer support around the clock

ILearn Management Suite

Our Intelligent Learning suite will be a state of art learning management system to address all IT needs of an acedemic & bussiness institutes

Messaging gateway

Too many SMS gateways? Dont worry we provide a single platform to manage your favirote sms gateways and chose the best price to send your messages

Bagsportal: drop, enjoy and get your teleported bags

Next time when you travel, forget about your bags & roam in the old streets of downtown and enjoy your coffee instead of dragging your bags.


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